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5 Year Warranty

Atlanta Speedometer warranties all modules and cluster it rebuilds to be free of defects of worked performed under normal use for a full 5 years from date of receipt, unless stated otherwise.  We do not warrant processor or integrated circuit defects.


We Cover:

Atlanta Speedometer LLC will cover the cost of OUR parts and labor if the original problem persists or returns. In addition, Atlanta Speedometer will credit the customer up to $20 in return-shipping fees for instrument clusters, and up to $10 in return-shipping fees for all other modules – you must include a copy of your return shipping receipt that shows what you paid!  We do not cover labor for removing or reinstalling unit.

We Do Not Cover:

This warranty does not cover modules that have been damaged due to, but not limited to: improper installation/removal, fire, water damage, over-voltage, reverse-voltage, another defective part in the vehicle, use in an application for which the module was not intended, or evidence of misuse or tampering. This warranty does not cover any charges incurred by the customer in removing/installing the module, diagnostics, parts, materials, or labor performed by anyone other than Atlanta Speedometer LLC.  Warranties are not transferable.



Clusters sent in without face plates will have a limited warranty. We request that you avoid sending in your cluster without the faceplate as the gauge needles can be moved out of alignment or damaged when shipping them back without said faceplate to protect them.

Items sent in with the following may have a limited warranty and may cost extra to repair (we will contact you before shipping back or rebuilding):  Without lids, damaged seals, cracked or broken connector housings, units rebuilt by someone else, and exposed circuit boards that are not properly protected from ESD are subject to terminated warranties.