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Ford Kelsey Hayes 325 ABS Module Rebuild

EBCM/Anti-Lock Brake Controller

Please do not send hydraulic pump when mailing.  You will be charged for additional shipping and/or module removal if pump is attached.

Service Performed


- Tested before repair, disassembled, necessary components replaced, reassembled, and clean PCB


- Your unit is bench tested after repair and codes cleared


- No programming required when installing


- 2 business day turn-around.  The rest is shipping time


- 5 year, unlimited mileage warranty

Common Codes/Symptoms for this unit


Codes that are normally present are C1185, and/or C1096.  If you are experiencing wheel speed sensor codes, you should check your wheel speed sensors or circuits.  If you have tested your wheel speed sensor circuit by the book, and/or replaced sensor and tested wiring, but can not get code to clear,  you must contact us before purchase. These modules can also fail and make the ABS Pump Motor run continuously.  If the pump motor runs too long it can burn up the motor. Pull large ABS fuse or unplug pump to temporarily resolve running condition, until module is repaired.  Your unit must look like the one pictured.

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