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F450+ Repair Services


1994-1997 F450+ Instrument Cluster Repair This repair only pertains to shifting issues due to PSOM failure.
1997-1999 F450+ Analog Odometer Repair This service will repair an inoperative odometer and tripmeter. This service can also repair an erratic speedometer.
1999-2003 F450+ Digital Odometer Repair This service will repair an inoperative or fading odometer and tripmeter.
2004-2010 F450+ F.I.C.M Repair This service will repair low power output to your fuel injectors.
1999-2007 F150/E150 KH 325 4-Wheel ABS Module Rebuild This service cures ABS module failure
Instrument Cluster Mileage Programming If your Instrument Cluster is not repairable, there is the option of a used replacement.
Instrument Warning Indicator Repair/Check Engine Light Repair We can repair instrument cluster warning indicators that have been removed or burnt out. This also includes testing before return.

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