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Instrument Cluster Mileage Programming Service

Service Performed


- Your Instrument Cluster is inspected, disassembled, programmed, and cleaned.


- We do not warranty used instrument clusters.  It is your responsibility to make sure you have the correct fitment for your vehicle.  Please feel free to ask if you need help locating the part you need.


- No programming required when installing, unless your vehicle has security information programmed into the instrument cluster.  This depends on year and model of vehicle.  Programming security information into your replacement instrument cluster is NOT included with mileage programming, and must be done after being reinstalled into vehicle.


- 1-2 business day turn-around.  The rest is shipping time


- Vehicles with digital odometers from 1992-2010 will be $150 to program. Vehicles from 2011-Current will cost $185 due to an increased programming time.


- Some Instrument clusters can not be programmed without having the original cluster to pull the necessary information.  If you are only sending the replacement cluster you must include a completed Odometer Affidavit before programming can be completed



We can program most clusters without the need for the vehicle.  Atlanta Speedometer will NOT engage in fraudulent mileage programming.  If you do not have a valid/legal reason for mileage programming, we will refuse the work.  Atlanta Speedometer is not responsible for programming security information into instrument clusters, but we can program security onto some clusters from the original unit.  It is your responsibility to make sure the replacement instrument cluster is the correct fitment to your vehicle.  You must also have any security information programmed and the vehicle running before mileage programming will be attempted.  This service is only for mileage programming.  Atlanta Speedometer has the right to refuse programming of mileage at any point in time.  Please call before purchasing programming.  770-831-8802

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