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1992-1995 E-Class Odometer/Trip Repair


Common symptoms for this unit


The common issue with this unit is a failed odometer and tripmeter.  These units rarely suffer from other issues.  If you notice and individual gauge failure it is typically the cause of the sending unit that sends information to the gauge.  If you are experiencing any other issues/symptoms with this part please call us before purchasing this repair.  770-831-8802


Our odometer gears are 100% made in the US and carry a lifetime part warranty through our friends at Odometer Gears.




Service Performed


- Your Instrument Cluster is inspected, disassembled, repaired, and cleaned.

- 3 of the 5 odometer gears are replaced. (The 2 gears that are not replaced are made of a much harder nylon and will not fail.  The gears we install are of the same nylon and 100% US made).

- All backlighting bulbs are replaced. at your request

-  1 business day turn-around guaranteed!

- 5 year, unlimited mileage warranty (Light bulbs warranted for one year)

This repair services 1992-1995 Mercedes E-Class Models