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1963-1971 SL Odometer/Trip Repair


Common symptoms for this unit


The common issue with this unit is a failed odometer and tripmeter.  These units rarely suffer from other issues.  If you have a bouncing speedometer it is best to replace the cable.  The base repair of this unit will not remove the lens or front bezel, therefor will not clean the inside of the glass.  If you wish to have the glass cleaned on both sides please select level 2 during checkout.  (Please be aware that if the rubber back cover rubs off on your fingers, it will make the inner glass cloudy due to shipping) We strongly recommend having the glass cleaned by selecting Level 2. If you are experiencing any other issues/symptoms with this part please call us before purchasing this repair.  770-831-8802


Our odometer gears are 100% made in the US and carry a lifetime part warranty through our friends at Odometer Gears.  Labor is warranted for 5 years through Atlanta Speedometer.  If you have never attempted an antique speedometer repair, we do not recommend this unit being your first.  Once the original parts are gone, they are gone!




Service Performed


- Your Instrument Cluster is inspected, disassembled, repaired, and cleaned.

- Lead odometer gear is replaced with a US made part (this will not affect a km unit)

- All internal parts are lubricated and inspected for proper movement.

-  1 week turn around for base repair

- 5 year, unlimited mileage warranty (Light bulbs warranted for one year)


Rebuild Levels:

1 - Odometer and trip repair only (Level 1)

2 - Level 1 + Bezel Removal and Glass Cleaning (Level 2)

3 - Level 2 + Rechroming of  Bezel (Chroming is send out once we have removed bezel, turn around is 6-14 weeks.)(Level 3)

This repair services 1963-1971 Mercedes SL-Class Models
Things to know These are old pieces of equipment and can have other parts subsequent to repair that may need replacement, we will contact you before any other cost is added. The rear covers of these heads are made of rubber and can be very brittle, based on the vehicles life-long storage. If you need a new rear cover they can be obtained for a cost of $115.00(2 week order time).