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2005-2008 G35 Instrument Cluster Complete Rebuild Service


Common symptoms for this unit


Individual gauges will fail on 05-08 models with the fuel gauge being the most common. When the fuel gauge fails it will typically not register below a 1/4 tank, causing the driver to run out of fuel.  Backlighting for all of the gauges and display will blink and/or go out completely.  Once the repair has been made, the vehicles correct mileage will be indicated.  If you are experiencing any other issues/symptoms with this part please call 770-831-8802

Service Performed


- Your Instrument Cluster is inspected, disassembled, repaired, and cleaned.

- All stepper motor circuits are repaired.  This is the most common issue with this unit.

- All backlighting circuits are repaired and burnt LEDs replaced.

- Spotted corrosion is cleaned and coated on rear of PCB

- No programming required when installing, and your mileage remains the same.

- 1 business day turn-around guaranteed!  The rest is shipping time

- 5 year, unlimited mileage warranty

This repair services 2005-2008 Infinity G35

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