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(Visteon Only) 2003-2005 Civic Instrument Cluster Complete Rebuild Service


Common symptoms for this unit


Individual gauges will fail on 03-05 models with instrument clusters made by Visteon.  The most common failure is the speedometer gauge.  When the speedometer fails the odometer will still continue to tabulate mileage.  If your speedometer is inoperative AND your odometer is not rolling over mileage you will need to check your vehicle speed sensor before sending your unit for repair.  To determine if your gauge cluster is made by Visteon is simple.  It will look IDENTICAL to the one pictured above.  The tachometer will be on the left with the speedometer located dead center of the cluster.  Non-Visteon clusters will have fuel and temperature gauges to the left of the speedometer.  Once the repair has been made, the vehicles correct mileage will be indicated.  If you are experiencing any other issues/symptoms with this part please call

Service Performed


- Your Instrument Cluster is inspected, disassembled, repaired, and cleaned.

- All stepper motor circuits are repaired.  This is the most common issue with this unit.

- Spotted corrosion is cleaned and coated on rear of PCB

- No programming required when installing, and your mileage remains the same.

- 1 business day turn-around guaranteed!  The rest is shipping time

- 5 year, unlimited mileage warranty

This repair services 2003-2005 Honda Civic (Visteon Only)

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